• Tiara H

    Tiara H

    Tiara is one of the newest additions to the Do Bar team, and we think she is pretty sweet.
  • Aimee M

    Aimee M

    Aimee is a hardworking young lady with drive and spunk. We are happy to have her on the team with us!
  • Lexi

    Lexi P

    Server/ Bartender
    Smart and efficient, hard working and nice. Can't ask for more!
  • laura K

    Laura K

    Server/ Bartender
    Laura is a kindhearted and talented member of the Do Bar Team , with lots of personality.
  • Patrick C

    Patrick C.

    Door Man/ Bouncer/ Bar Back
    Patrick is part of our security team, making sure our patrons enjoy what we have to offer in a safe environment. He gets extra bonus points for being a beefy hunk.
  • rian paint

    Rian L

    Door man/ Bouncer/ Bar Back
    Rian, also known as Mr. Fun, is a member of our Do Bar Security Team.
  • Scott S

    Scott S

    Casino Attendant
    Scott is a new addition to the Do Bar team, but he has been a part of the Do Bar family for many years.
  • kristina R

    Kick Ass Kristina

    Day Bartender/Night Cocktail server
    Kick Ass Kristina Day Bartender/Night Cocktail Server
  • mike henderson

    Multiple Mike Henderson

    Bartender/Mike of all Trades
    Some days he is Otis Shapotapet, some days Joe Banano, but most days he is just Henderson. Come give Henderson a hard time!! (he likes it so much he works on Christmas!)
  • Doug

    Boss Man Doug

    Doug is a very generous and kind hearted person, family oriented and hard working. While he is the Boss, he is also willing to listen.
  • kc (2)

    Boss Man KC

    KC is a generous and kind hearted person who is family oriented and hard working. KC is the behind the scenes think tank. He pays attention to the little details.
  • gwenpaint

    Gwenny the Poo

    Casino Attendant/Cocktail Server
    Gwenny the Poo has been with the Do since the Fall of 2015. A great addition to the Do Family.
  • joepaint

    Jumpin JoeZ

    Joe is pretty awesome guy all around. He's not afraid to put his shoulder to the wheel, and helps wherever he is needed.
  • Angela

    Angelic Angela

    bartender, server, casino attendant
    Angela is a jack of all trades, she bartends, cocktails, and tends casino, all with a smile.
  • Jeremy Nichols

    Just Jeremy

    Jeremy is back!!! Fast, efficient, and always remembers your name.
  • Jesse

    Jesse “The Duke” Wells

    Casino Attendant
    Jesse has worked at the Do for 9 years, and counting. Aside from being an amazing employee, he's also an amazing person too!!!
  • mike palagi paint

    Mighty Mike

    Night Supervisor/Bartender
    Mikey is an all around guy at The Do Bar, if you have a question, he will find an answer!
  • 11891237_485949541579462_3485039013094898842_n

    Rowdy Rose

    Supervisor at The Do Bar and Singer-songwriter
  • tues

    Twisted Tuesday

    Casino Attendant
    Tuesday has worked for the Do Bar for over 10 years, hard working and beautiful, inside and out.