• Lively Lexi

    Lexi has been a part of the Do Bar and it's history since she was little, with her grandparents, and then parents, running the old It'l Do Lounge and creating The DO. Lexi runs the day to day management of The Do and is occasionally helping out serving or bartending!
  • Mr Fun

    Door man/ Bouncer/ Bar Back
    Rian, also known as Mr. Fun, is a member of our Do Bar Security Team. Don't let his quiet and polite demeanor fool you, he is strong like bull.
  • Joyful Joy Joy

    Casino Attendant
    Joy is a sweet soul who strives to make the world a better place. She aims to please, has a creative personality and offers interesting conversation topics you may not get into with anyone else in the world. Come and see Joy at The Do Bar Casino!
  • Petite Payton

    Cocktail Server
    Payton is a recent transplant to Montana from Washington state. In a few short days she has proven herself a valuable member of our crew! She may be small in stature, but she's got big personality and spunk, and we are glad to have her on our team.
  • Kick Ass Kristina

    Day Bartender/Night Cocktail server
    Kick Ass Kristina Day Bartender/Night Cocktail Server
  • Multiple Mike Henderson

    Bartender/Mike of all Trades
    Some days he is Otis Shapotapet, some days Joe Banano, but most days he is just Henderson. Come give Henderson a hard time!! (he likes it so much he works on Christmas!)
  • Boss Man Doug

    Doug is a very generous and kind hearted person, family oriented and hard working. While he is the Boss, he is also willing to listen.
  • Boss Man KC

    KC is a generous and kind hearted person who is family oriented and hard working. KC is the behind the scenes think tank. He pays attention to the little details.
  • Gwenny the Poo

    Casino Attendant/Cocktail Server
    Gwenny the Poo has been with the Do since the Fall of 2015. A great addition to the Do Family.
  • Angelic Angela

    bartender, server, casino attendant
    Angela is a jack of all trades, she bartends, cocktails, and tends casino, all with a smile.
  • Jesse “The Duke” Wells

    Casino Attendant
    Jesse has worked at the Do for 9 years, and counting. Aside from being an amazing employee, he's also an amazing person too!!!
  • Monday after Midnight

    Casino Attendant
    Tuesday has worked for the Do Bar for over 10 years, hard working and beautiful, inside and out. Tuesday is quick with a joke, has a winning smile, and truly makes you feel comfortable.